Monday, February 13, 2012

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Last night was full of chocolately, pretzely, sprinkly goodness.  We spent the evening with one of the sweetest couples we know!  Meet Wes and Brittany!  Wes is a 4th grade teacher, and Brittany and I thought his class Valentine's party was the perfect reason to get together and make goodie bags.  The guys were willing participants, although they didn't seem to share the extreme enthusiasm for super cute sprinkles, cute cut out hearts, and the beauty of purple, pink and lime green bag embellishments ;)

We put the boys in charge of the chocolate and sprinkles.  And you might wonder why there is a power tool on the counter...don't you use power tools when you are making chocolate pretzels?

Cory and Wes created the perfect assembly line.  Cory dipped the pretzels in chocolate with excellent precision and Wes would follow up with the sprinkles. 

Of course the assembly line was more like a relay race.

Aren't they super adorable???

It took forever for the chocolate to dry..until we had the profound realization that the sub-arctic temperatures outside would probably freeze them quickly.  So 5 minutes outside (after waiting an hour for this profound realization to occur) and these precious pretzels were ready to be packaged.

So while the boys were in charge of pretzel production, Brittany and I were in charge of the cuteness factor. Although we intended to actually help them with the pretzel production, we were to busy being insanely fascinated with my new Silhouette Cameo and its ability to cut out the cutest hearts ever known to mankind.  
We had sooooo much fun hanging out last night! Thank you to our dear friends for making a snowy, Sunday night so much fun!

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