Sunday, November 6, 2011



Guess what! I love fall and I LOVE Halloween decor. I have more fall decor than Halloween decor but I am in the process of fixing that. For my first official tutorial post, I have come up with a really fun, inexpensive little piece. And I have to say, it is absolutely adorable.

Step 1- Buy some letters. I chose to spell out BOO but you could do any Halloween message you want and you can totally adapt this to any holiday. I bought these letters at Wal-mart for $2 a piece and I spray painted them black. Note: If the only black paint you have is rust inhibitor paint meant for your husband's will work. ;)

Step 2: Find some really cute scrapbook paper. I had a 40% coupon to Hobby Lobby and I wanted a whole pack of Halloween paper since I scrapbook. You could just buy 3 specific sheets of paper making this part of the project a ton cheaper.

Step 3: Trace your letters on the back of the scrapbook paper and cut them out. Be sure to trace them "backwards" so when you flip them over the scrapbook paper side is face up on your letter. Also cut inside your trace line just a bit so that you will leave some space for the black to be seen on the edge. Your scrapbook paper should be just a little bit smaller than your actual letter. Then hire your husband to make the fine detailed cuts in the middle of the letters.

Step 4: Modge podge. I recently started using it and it's just about the best thing ever created. Slap some on your letters and place your paper on the letter.

Step 5: This was my favorite part. Take a brush and a little bit of modge podge and put it all around the edges of your letters. This is going to ensure that the paper lays flat on your wood letter. It will not mess your paper up (that's what I LOVE about modge podge). After you get some along the edge, take your finger and wipe it off along the edge, flattening the paper as you go.

Step 6: Find some fun Halloween "greenery." I am not exactly sure what you call the cute little Halloween stems. I cut them with wire cutters so I could work with each stem individually and I hot glued them to the back.

Step 7: Add some embellishments if you like (like my little bat on the purple O) and then sit back and admire how cute your BOO is.

Step 8: Spend every 15 minutes for the entire evening telling your husband how much you love your BOO and how cute it looks on your piano. ;)

I hope you enjoyed the first tutorial! This just popped in my head when I was walking down the craft aisle at Walmart. I saw it in my head and had to put it to work and ended up with a pretty awesome little Boo. =)

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