Sunday, November 6, 2011

Candy Corn Wreath

Candy Corn Wreath

There is this fantastic blog that I follow called "Crap I've made: Sometime's its amazing and sometimes its just crap." I LOVE that title and wish I had thought of it. Dang it! It's so appropriate for this little tutorial. Sometimes we creative types get something in our heads but then it doesn't come out as planned. That's what happened here. I had these big plans for this wreath and it just didn't work out like I had envisioned. You may think its adorable but its not what I was after. Oh well, there is always next Halloween. I would like to rate my projects on a 5 frog scale with 5 frogs being the awesomest and 1 frog being the crappiest. The BOO project totally recieved a 5 frog rating. This one, however, I am only giving it a 3 frog rating. So here you go...let's make a 3 frog rated Halloween wreath.

Step 1- Gather supplies. You need a styrofoam wreath, ribbon (candy corn colors!), modge podge, a little wooden plank guy, some more halloween stems, embellishments (scratch that, I didn't end up using those!), some scrapbook paper and some hotglue. Oh and you will also need a large dog to supervise.
Step 2- Wrap your ribbon around your wreath. I had originally planned to have the ribbon intertwined rather than doing chunks of color but I didn't have enough ribbon. :( And I didn't feel like driving an hour away to get the matching ribbon. I also used a little modge podge along the back to secure my ribbon as I went.

This is what it looks like after completing step 2.

Step 3: With the help of my husband and his trusty staple gun, we stapled spider web to the back of the wreath and stretched it til it looked like a web. You will want to put hotglue over your staples becuz they will pull easily out of the styrofoam. The staples just made it easy to work the webbing.

Step 4: I had originally planned for the web to be thicker so that I could have my other goodies look like they were caught in the web, but to much webbing made it look like a blob of white, instead of a spider web. So to make my web more visible and to have something to put my goodies on, I did the whole staple/hotglue thing with a piece of black scrapbook paper.

Step 5: Add your embellishments. I tossed some candy corns on there from the Halloween stems. I painted the wooden plank black and did the same thing I did with the BOO letters with scrapbook paper. Then I wrote BOO on there with a black paint sharpie.

It's cute, but not what I envisioned. And Halloween is nearly here, so it will work for this year.

Hopefully my attempts at a Thanksgiving wreath have better results ;)

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