Monday, November 7, 2011

A "pretty" grocery list!

So I honestly don't know how I would (or ever did) live without my smartphone. I have an iphone4 and like they say, there is an app for everything! Recently, I discovered this awesome app called "GroceryIQ" which is basically a grocery list app. What's so awesome about it is your other half can add to the list on his phone and the list will sync on both your phones. So when you add something to the list, he can see it on his phone and vice versa. I thought this was so great...until my husband would never use it. Prior to this app, I had a little boring notepad that had a magnet on the back of it that lived on the fridge. The hubby was very good about adding to the list when he noticed we were low on something. So back to the notepad, except this time...not boring.

I had these loose grocery list papers sitting in my office, that I had forgotten about. So I simply stapled them together and at the same time stapled them to a piece of scrapbook paper.

To get it to stick to the fridge, I tacky glued an old mat (garage sale for like 5 cents, cheapo!) to the back and then stuck some magnet strips (.97 cents for a huge pack at walmart!) to the mat.

And Waalaa! A cute little grocery list (no boring notepad) that cost me pretty much nothing that my husband will actually use. I would call that a success. And please note the cute picture of the baby on the fridge. Ya, that's my baby boy...he's pretty much the cutest baby in the world ;)

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