Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A very Crafty Christmas!

It only took me two weeks but I am finally about to post the creations I made for MOPS (mothers of preschoolers). Sorry ladies, I left my camera at home on accident while I went on vaca for 2 weeks to visit family. :( So get ready for information overload!

On November 19th, I had the opportunity to share two things that are near and dear to my heart. 1) Battling Negative Body image and 2) crafts!  If you are interested in my health journey and battling negative body image or if you need some inspiration or just to relate to someone that has been thru some crazy difficult body image issues, you can check out my fitness blog at www.rn4fitness.blogspot.com or you can follow my facebook page at www.facebook.com/Rn4fitness and look for the fb page titled Faith & Fitness: Living Healthy for Him.  

But for this blog, we will be focusing on the crafts!  I LOVE to browse the web (and now totally obsessed with pinterest) for ideas. I do love to make my own creations (if and when they pop in my head), but I also love to be inspired by others creations and make them to fit my own personality!  Over the next few blogposts, you will see a variation of both.  So let's get started!!

The theme was "A Very Crafty Christmas!" and I showed the girls a ton of different homemade Christmas gift ideas that are inexpensive.  

Let's have a look at what you can do with jars!  

One of my favorites was the Petite Pie in a Jar.  Look how cute they turned out!!  My engineer husband would like me to note that he did the lattice top.  These little cuties are made in canning jars so they can actually be frozen, then popped into the oven and baked inside the jars.    Here is the tutorial !

Here is another idea I just came up with while I was out gathering materials (and I'm sure this has been done before.)  I came across a gingerbread mix bag and thought it would be great to put in a jar and decorate it with a gingerbread theme.  The cooking directions are on the back of the tag.  It turned out so cute! Funny story though.  See the cute rope around the fabric?  I went to the garage and thought I would steal a small piece of a large thing of rope that was hanging near all the other rope my  husband has collected.  Snip. Snip.  Later, I show the hubby my little creation.  Turns out that rope I cut off was from...his hammock.  Oops....

And yet another jar of goodness! Cookies!  Mine turned out pretty cute but check out this tutorial to make your own Cookies in a Jar! And if you haven't ever used sticker paper before (that's how I made the Cookies for Santa tag and cooking instructions), you are missing out! 

oh so much you can do with jars! I have several more crafty christmas gifts to posts, but the little one just woke up.  I'll be posting more this week! 

Happy Tuesday!

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