Friday, December 9, 2011

Crafty Christmas Continues!

Holiday Greetings!

I bring you more Crafty Christmas gifts!  

I found this next project on an adorable blog called Cupcakes with Sprinkles (click on that link for the tutorial!).  I adore her blog! It is so cute!  This could be personalized in just about any way you can imagine as a gift (sports themes, baby themes etc)  I introduce you to:

The Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree 

Here is how mine turned out! Pretty darn cute! I simply saved Little E's Earths Best baby food jars, hot glued them in a tier, stuffed them with garland and put some little snowmen ornaments in strategic locations (because we all know I am obsessed with snowmen) 

 And wrapped a ribbon around the jars.  You can also punch holes in the lids and use a strand of lights to light up the jars. See Cupcakes with Sprinkles fantastic tutorial for the How To.  SO CUTE!  Thank you for the inspiration Cupcakes with Sprinkles!

A snowman upon closer examination! 

And now onto another fun project: Handmade gift card holders brought to you by

Here's how mine turned out!

I found these wonderful velcro dots that I used to keep them closed.   These are great because they can be made to stick to a present, or hang on a tree or just to be handed to someone! And it is SUPER inexpensive to make! 

And I will leave you now with some really cute FREE printables!  Just click on the following links to check them out!

Hot Chocolate printable for a small bag of hot chocolate by LollyChops.

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