Friday, December 30, 2011

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree

Well, I know Christmas is technically over, but if you are like me, you leave your Christmas up til February. ;)  So in my eyes, I still have some time for Christmas related posts!  So here's another Christmas goodie :)

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a pinterest addict.  I found the idea for this little beauty on pinterest.

A scrapbook paper Christmas tree

Here are the supplies you need.  One canvas, Christmas scrapbook paper, scissors or paper cutter, something tubelike to roll your paper on, hot glue, embellishments, baby monitor (because of course you are doing this during naptime!), and some coffee (because you are a mom and need all the caffeine you can get!)

Step 1- Find a tube with your desired circumference.  I found this extra piece of fuel line from my husbands mistress 1973 roadrunner.  It was perfect.  Roll your paper and use hot glue along the edges as you roll.  The hot glue ensures your paper holds together quickly.  

Step 2- Repeat step 1 as many times as you need to reach nearly the top of your canvas.  Using various Christmas paper, create a tier of scrapbook "paper rolls" by making the next roll slightly shorter.


Step 3- Embellish with buttons and a topper! (as seen in the first picture!)

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